Artist Statement

I love to create and explore within many different mediums. My artwork reflects my western Canadian roots and celebrates the unique landscape, animals and birds that make up the spirit of these prairies, foothills and mountains.

The boldness of certain animals intrigues me as a subject to capture like the startling black-and-white of dairy cows transposed against their environment.

I also find birds stunning and inspiring. I am attracted to their character and the beauty of their coloring. Crows and magpies are especially cheeky and although some view them as a pest, I love them for their attitude.

Another subject that rouses my interest is the untamed landscape juxtaposed against the footprint of mankind
like a small farmhouse set in a glorious and spacious prairie environment, or an abandoned barn that is home only to birds and small animals.

My whimsical side is fed by playing with wood carving and creating works of art for children. Anything that reminds me that art should not be taken too seriously is good for my creative spirit.