Block Prints

A block print is a form of relief printing that is centuries old. Woodcuts first appeared in ancient China, and became popular in Europe in the mid-1400s when printed books made texts with pictures available to larger audiences.

To create wood block prints, I follow this ancient tradition. I draw a sketch on a plank of wood, linoleum or other carving medium. The image is then carved by hand in reverse — much like a rubber stamp so the final image is printed the right way around. I use a variety of carving tools to remove the parts of the block that I do not want to receive the ink, and these parts appear “white” in the final print. The raised parts that remain after carving are then inked with a roller, and a sheet of paper is placed over the inked block. The back side of the paper is then rubbed with a spoon, or gently with my hand. The paper is then pulled back from the block to reveal the printed piece and hung to dry overnight.
and these parts appear “white” in thestamp so the final image is printed the right way around.

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Block prints are available for purchase as limited edition prints, either framed or unframed. You can order prints of what you see here, or you can order custom prints. I print greetings cards, invites, or full-size artwork. Contact me for further details!